1. Northampton, a city that’s long prided itself on its acceptance of its large homeless population, recently took away benches from downtown to stop panhandling. I’m disgusted. 

    If you can spread my Evangelion screencaps, you can spread this.

    Don’t let Northampton get away with this.

    Removing benches doesn’t remove poverty.

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    The town where Im from is a cute little queer-ish city called Northampton Mass. A lot of people are there all day every...
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    Hey! So to I wondered the same thing (not all of them use benches anyway for example) and I assumed it would end there...
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    reblogging from this user for the sit-in commentary just in case anyone in the area wants to participate. I feel like...
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    Another image of Seth Gregory. The sit-in, as I said before, will be the 25th of May at 11am, meeting in front of Faces....
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    …wait, how did they think no benches was an obstacle to panhandling?
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    wtf noho
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